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Related article: Date : Tue, 5 February 1, 2002 45th 30 0000 From: Fred Frackett u003cfrackett hotmail. com u003e Subject : Brother -in -Law n 1 This article is intended for adults over 21 years. or more, and includes explicit acts sex between men. All names and places are fictitious. If n Does sexual material, either offensive or against the law in your country, LEAVE THIS STORY NOW! All other disclaimers apply. brother Fred Frackett My wife and her sister decided to go on a shopping trip to a mall Factory Outlet, is an all day affair. I did not want to go and my wife laughed, said it is very well, because his brother - in - law is not, and could keep every other companies, while the girls went step by step ! Jack, my BIL was a crazy type so do not care. We could watch football or something. no more girls left, and Jack ran back to his car, leading to stuff paper bag. "Here is the real party is!" He said. He brought two a fifth of vodka and a lot of porn! "Do you have the chips and salsa ? " The smiled. Well, one afternoon pornos not sound like a bad idea. The woman is not see them and I loved it, so it was perfect ! Mix a few drinks (it No the idea is a shot glass) and became the VCR. in the beginning was a pretty lame thing, a group setting. the second and third were slightly warmer and just see all the tits and stiff tail bobbing s I sat down on paper, along with a good kick. I looked through the stack and said one at the bottom. "When these hot, as they go, let's go for the best and the rest of the hell! "I laughed back and forth. " Eh, well, but I warn you, this is not for the timid! Are you sure? "He looked at I n. His short films have been so many were like my shows. " Yes, I want to coat the walls with cum here, and this movie Girl Scouts is not going to do it, " I told with great success, grabbed me between the legs and do obscene sudden movements, like a fireman s pumping a fire hose everywhere. "Ok, did not say but I did not I warned ! These are very far! " andslipped one of the last batch on the machine. The 60 "screen is illuminated by a group setting, n is the fast denegrated four boys and two girls naked, the blow guys and fuck each other, while the girls helped, big thick cocks No sperm pumps at the other guys mouth and ass holes. I took a big sip of my drink and in the darkness, lit my upper body on the screen, I said, "Oh shit, now that shit is porn ! I have to pet him, I'm sooo fucking hot! "And pushed out of my shorts and my shirt fly blind is still there for Jack. If I had not greased, the first 10 strokes on my cock shoot me. Suddenly I felt the flesh Gothic Lolita hot burn on my thigh and looked up. Jack was beside me, naked the other hand, the hand pumps in the queue. " I'm hot too.. "He said he thick reached down and played with my balls, and added :. " Want to be hot together? " Without a word I stared at his cock inches from my face, looked him and opened my mouth and gurgled, " Slide that motherfucker very important in my mouth and for your BIL fucking sucking cock, Jack.. "And he showed what he was a jerk I am. He pushed his hand aside and began to stroke my cock as I shook her moans causing a deep joy in it, and my ​​own neck ! N Jack complained to me, " Oh yeah, you hot stud, I hope that this would happen, I knew I that can be alone and wanted to put my lips on his cock for n long ! I never thought I wanted to suck Gothic Lolita me !. " She gasped, feeling my ​​lips more insistent on his penis, he put his cock in my mouth in a hoarse voice :" That can be arranged very quickly! Come on, let's get to the bottom before the fire! " And there fell from his chair and pulled him from the cock of her s, playfully slapped him and dragged him to the ground. Flickering heat warms us as coiled in 69, the mouth eagerly devoured all the n additional valves, both still reeling at the sight of foot fucking porno guys walk the kids. My head was spinning with dizziness deliGHT when I felt his tongue caressing my shaft slide, and his lips from my penis and my balls return. I redoubled my efforts on his cock and ran my fingers full of sperm balls, little by little touch of a finger and rub on until the idiot. ! As soon as I touched it, he opened his mouth and arched her back with pleasure The s words were not necessary - that did the same with me, and when we both worked with a finger itself felt the searing heat of my semen my of the waves. I murmured: " I will finish " deep with his cock in my mouth, and he grabbed my hips and sucked faster and harder, not the intent of the backup, screw the finger until I had my prostate. That was it! Rio runs in the river flowed out of my balls in her womb, and suddenly my mouth was flooded with his load too! We swallowed hard and licked and pushed up, we we cum together our first Panting, we were shooting one another. I moaned, " Jack, who was cursed fantastic, I have not cum that much in a time" and nuzzled his dripping cock s, licks the droplets still flowed from her slit. Jack gave me a kiss balls and roll in his mouth, he added: "And I'm sure there are more where also" came and laughed. He got up and threw another tape , I warned: "This is a special bond and you do not like to hear, but excites me," Suddenly the screen with a dozen men were at a party full of all n is dressed in a tux. As he spoke, and mixed, hands roamed each other to unbutton y opening of one another. Leaving the outside the clothes, put on including bras, panties, lace stockings, panties pure hot Sora " Have you ever tried to stuff his wife? "Jack smiled and played with my cock, always feel hard to the film. "Or is it your turn?" " Do you feel like I go ?" I laughed my erection back fast. "And the answer is, yes, I have when I'm alone and really warm. But I thought it was the only one in the worldthere such a thing! never thought... " I complained and felt his penis gets hard and hit me. " Oh, yes, you are not alone, not by much ! Want to go... "The object of jokes, tug on my penis"... in the bedroom? " waves of excitement came over me, and I was shaking like a leaf, and then jumped. " C'mon, let's play! " I laughed, pulled him to his feet. A tingling new came over me, that my secret fetish wanted to split else! " I want your cock dripping through a couple of the my wife breast sexy panties... " He brought him through his cock in the bedroom... Enter the bedroom, was a part of me dancing like a little kid, but took over the reserve in me. " are you sure you are not simply make it as fun with me? "I asked a little fear in my voice " Look - look in the mirror - you're there, stroking my cock and I loving it, and make fun of you? Only if you do not make fun me! "Jack laughed, squirmed against me like a bitch in heat, our taps bradiating ritual, and were now connected " Well... I think you now !" I could not breathe. In view of the chest, I leaned over, twisting my ass on fire against his tail like a whore. "Well, here it is to use what I like.. and there are plenty of costumes for two - I support my wife in sexy clothes and full - they just do not know that the two n for me and one for her ! "and laughed when I decided stripped stockings, garters, panties, bras, etc. I decided on my favorite black lace and Combo Jack for of all brown. I sat on the bed and began to put on socks, but Jack stopped me. " Whoa.. slow.. it would be much more sexy when worn by others, do not you think ? You and I can put on us every time we want, but we shared can attract each other. want to feel my finger roll stockings legs... " he shuddered. I was trembling with anticipation, when I told my hose my ​​leg rather delicately pointed toes. He is on his knees n began planting his foot, rubbing senuously, tslowly rolled hen my ​​leg, smooth and caressing. It is hot as hell ! He has the other leg , and then had me up and wrapped the garter around me, setting n , while his belly is rubbed on my cock. He kissed his way across my chest to my legs, sucking my cock n a couple of times, then slowly holding the league straps of my socks, kissing me all over my body. When I turned around and made the spring of my asscheeks back and shuddered and came back and separated. " Oooh yeah.. " she moaned and slid her tongue up and down my crack, then my ​​tongue hole receipt commitment to the rear of the two leagues in place. that , kissed my thighs and lifted one foot, so I could get into lingerie , then the other, then she slipped on her legs and pulled stocking'd instead my penis and testicles location now black, tall and silky ! Moved in my Asscrack like a belt and rubbed it up and down in my hole, me crazy ! ".. joking joking!" He laughed, knowingI was almost ready make me cum again. He stood up and slipped his arms into the holder, which failed in the back and adjusted it on my nipples, then filled with ball -up panties. " Tits, honey!" He exclaimed, stroking, as it real! "No, you're fucking hot!" Gurgling, with n the hands of me. "Now it's up to you to dress ", and sat on the edge of the bed. I immediately dropped to his knees stocking'd, feeling half- pull my leagues, my thighs and exposed my panties rubbing my ass. "My joy, hot dog... " I smiled and put the socks down the legs. The cock of her s sticking up in the air and covered it with my mouth, my tongue twisting everywhere ovaling my lips ruby red around sexy on him, as I socks pulled each leg, then repeated the same process that is n to finish what you saw. Finally, stood before the dresser mirror admire each other, twisting and writhing in like two hot sluts. " We panty boy -with-Dogs or what? ! "Jack smiled, rolling over and crushing n on me. This time we kiss, was not with delicacy, which crashed.. together like whores in heat and tongue each other 's ass in the mouth, and writhing allover each other " ! hot whore who "complained Jack, kisses n and sucked my neck, so a great lipstick stains n " Yes, damn hot pussy blowjob -. whore "returned I, Gothic Lolita licking and nibbling her ear as she turned back to me and squirmed against me in slutty heat. pulled the panties ass panties on my cock and I felt n more as he leaned into my touch, to reach under her bra on her nipples No change and slip my hand into his pants and touched his cock dripping. rubbed his underwear on his knees and fell Asscrack kissed his asscheeks, sucking and licking and Gothic Lolita rubbing back and forth against my bra in the thigh ! " Yes. ah yes, the language of my hole.. The fingers and figure out what I feel cuz, your cock dripping fuck me.. fucking shit your friends in highs pussy - ass.. I am your cuntslut little, " moaned ! His words were dirty really turned on and I licked and sucked her hole, then played one, s two, then three fingers! Jack crawled on the bed on all fours and spread his asscheeks. "Fuck me bitch.. fuck me, where we can see ourselves in the mirror.. we can see, dog fuck what you really are ! I want to feel your cock in my ass, now! " He s groaned. Stocking'd it between her thighs as he pulled his cock from my panties, now covered with wet precum and took her ass. " Ohh yeah.. damn enter it in me, " groaned and leaned back on my cock, his pants stretched to one side... I never feel my cock sooo hard, I rubbed my precum in his speech opening joke is rubbed on the penis when I felt pressure, he pushed his back , so that he could go, the opening of his hole, like a magic cave my cock slid in the same and heated with a heat immediately, I met my precum lubricate the way, pushing more. becausewas the opposition - the sphincter - but a little pressure and I went through it with ease! There were n have done anyway! A little shock and my underwear and balls panties on the ball! Rub " Ohh yeah, it feels sooo good to condemn ouu.. " Jack moaned, rotating her ass in a circle on my cock. "Do you feel the pants rubbing together ? Is not this the best feeling in the world ?" He moaned, sliding my hands on her bra. I pressed of her bra, as if they were real tits, panties, rubbing her nipples, then a hand slid over and patted his belly swaying his hard cock, all the n slime -covered pre - ejaculation. His pants were soaked and sat back on his cock and stroked the slippery material, my own ass starts at the oldest rock movement in the history of fucking him slowly, feel my penis and her hot ass fucking ! I saw in flirt mirror, our stockings and suspenders, hitting my ass obscenely against her ass, stretching and twisting our leagues, outight underwear r glistening with sweat and precum ! Jack suddenly raised her tight ass around my cock. "Kiss my neck.. n.. suck my ear and tongue ravaged my body with its heat, the survey fingers," he gasped. I was surprised, almost by his insistence, but did as he asked my ear with obscene pleasure. Came to the man I covered my head and pulls her toward him, his hands over his ears. that incessantly complained when I ran into him, shake and twist in my arms! Suddenly, I saw a hand caressing my shoulder blades, I stiffened the rear, a thick finger probing my hole ! "What the fuck ?" I cried my eyes collect pleased for my dream, looking in the mirror. I saw an n hair, strong chest, the abdomen expands with a pair of bright pink lace lingerie and a thick tail, hanging hanging on their side, a huge par balls hairy torso - legs in the mirror, as it is only because moves the arm in syncopation with the fingers play with my ass! " HelloBill and I did not let you down.. it's just me, you and Jack.. father -in-law Craig.. Jack told me to join you - give you a few hours in order to show then seduce her up.. I see that it worked! "Craig, our wives," he whispered father whispered to me as I shook my head 180 degrees, looking with his mouth open ! "Bill, was not surprised.. yes, Craig and planning this, we made ​​a fool over a year and wanted to join us, so they had planned all n these when I learned that our women have been gone all day ! Craig I love it ! much as the game went with him one afternoon, thinking of , be alone and I was all dressed up and jerk - sucked there and we played from then please do not lose ! n let me fuck your erection and.. oh, please... " Jack said, twirling his ass s in against me. Craig became more insistent with his finger, urging my ass, and then took the hand of my s and placed it in the tail hanging underwear. "Here, maybs to help his father in law are made nice and hard, you will be amazed.. "Craig moaned, his hips to his drive into my palm. " Ohh Ohh.. A fucking hot.. "I groaned, my cock recover s scope and fucking Jack in a staccato thrust burned. My hand my FIL tail feeling the blood, and is increasingly.. fucking greatest! What a fucking piece of meat that had as I watched him, flirt, how it grew to over 8 "of flesh hard fuck ! " damn, my father (who everyone calls him father, though he is our father in law ) I do not even know the fucking dick like this! Laura must be a happy woman \\ \\ (n his wife), "I moaned, sliding my hand in the increasingly fast, barely able to n to my fingers to wrap around your fingertips. " No, unfortunately, has never appreciated - have a word for sex -No!" that complained as my fingers dug into her cum - full of balls. " Why do you think, I am taking advantage of my sons in law ?" He chuckled. " Well, let me get here and this advantage, big cock! " I moaned and pulled him into bed and stood over me I caught Jack 's ass n to suck as much of his enormous cock in my hot mouth, lipstick'd Gothic Lolita s! " Hot bitch sucking ouuu.. you are as good as Jack! " Groaned Craig pushes his cock in my throat like a tube of shit in a hole. I saw the ruby red lips Jack sucking his balls and ass circulated against me, my cock s now as a ram your ass rammed with a savage intensity , driven by my father-in -law tail in and out my mouth! sucked my dick to Craig for all that was worthwhile, and Jack was the ass up to milk the sperm from my balls. Shortly after arriving grabbing Craig s head and shouted : "I 'm fucking bitch cum eat - eat my shit Load " and quantities of hot cum glorious, abundant in my mouth and my shot the throat. I leave some of my lips, spots on my face as I sucked his cock dry. I smiled, kissing his penis - and licked the head dr last drops involuntarilyizzled of pain as my cock lipstick spotted by the flesh rubbery. Jack groaned : "Craig, take you there.. please!" And sat on his lap, stroking his erection. Craig smiled and leaned over and sucked his penis several times, to thoroughly wet. " I know what you want, and here it is! " Craig was always complaining on all fours and pulled her underwear to one side, exposing her ass. "Fuck me baby! " that complained. Jack is not having a second invitation, Gothic Lolita guiding his cock, his s father-in -law ass. He slid into him and started pumping, obvioiusly a routine practice. I realized that together would be several times move watching Jack in the ass 's ass, dad, I noticed a small stream cum n hole leaving Jack - I just put my semen there! He grabbed my cheeks Jack, pulled down his pants and bent down to her ass and licked and I sucked milk from her and buried my tongue assshole deep inside. that is really going on, and hit him in the ass hard fuck father strong ! I realized my father appreciated by the complaints made ​​! in s short time Jack shot his load deep in Craig 's ass ! I changed Jack Craig , licking his hole and semen oozing from it! Finally, exhausted, n three of us collapsed on the bed! " must be better cleaned before the women to go home! " I realized, looking for for the clock. We were working with flush deck our costumes were covered blanket was covered ! We quickly stripped of all refineries into a mesh bag of culture and the blanket in the washer full n to him. We had enough time to take a shower together, the three soaping of cocks and asses our pointing among them one last time me, Jack and Craig again that both the work of his 8 " cock, his big balls and ass until she came. said he felt as if 16 again! n ran the washer and threw things in the dryer to get the three of us dress. like I did the bed and wash safely hidden behindin the woman who heard a box car. Wife and co. were back ! " Hi, honey !" I smiled lazily. "How was your shopping trip ? " Jack and Craig repeats the same to Laura and Penny ( Jack 's wife, the sister of my wife). " Oh Gothic Lolita well, we had a ball, not the girls ! " After a brief talk, Jack, Craig and leave wives. My wife wanted some ice cream and that. "Here in my car, which is in the front.. " she offered, is the key in the bag. She went to the bathroom and I Gothic Lolita dug suddenly looking for a pair of underwear in it. I took it out and identifies it as , who had this morning. Turn right at once I saw something wild ! They saw kissing lips and lipstick Laura and Betty! It was also trapped at the bottom of her purse a receipt of Sunnyside Motel - one of those motels rent by the hours in the n the outskirts of the city. You get a change of towels and the rooms are all n with mirrors and shag carpets and pornography works 24 / 7 on TV! The bill wAs with 3 hours, cash in today ! I quickly hid behind everything that I have found ice n and took it. As we ate our ice cream, I decided, I slipped my hand lazily nightgown and tried to caress her pussy. She stretched her legs closed ( not unusual ) and said : " Not tonight, dear, I am beautiful because there is too much to walk, while.. Buy. " I called to know the real reason was sore (! just like my penis was sore) and said, and had a strange look on her face as she re-" Yes, I am.. I'm one too. " stared at me... I went to bed early n and fell asleep. The next morning I got up early to work as usual. I went for my lunch, leave fix , and there beside my lunchpail was the last video of Jack and I see! Apparently he did in the video by mistake. And the woman should be discovered, then I went to bed! He stood, as I left and kissed me goodbye, patted me on the ass and said "See you guys had a time good while we were away.. "and I left with the video. No. I thought it would be to Jack 's house one night when his wife was working on afternoon shift... The End If you like this, please let me know! frackett hotmail. com
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